pnc routing number

PNC Routing Number


PNC bank that was established in 1852 is operated by PNC Financial Services Group. In 2011 the company owned assets estimated more than $270 billion. The bank is engaged in regional banking franchise operations, serves specialized financial business sector, maintains partnership with organizations owned by the government and is engaged in leading Turnkey Asset Management Program. Bank’s headquarter – a central branch is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. PNC bank is considered to be the fifth largest bank in the US by the number of its affiliate branches, the sixth largest by the amount of its deposits and total assets and the third largest by the number of its ATMs throughout the US. In 2011 PNC employed more than 51.8 thousand staff members. Its revenue for that year was more than $14.3 billion and net income was more than $3.07 billion. PNC bank has more than 2500 branch locations in 19 states and the District of Columbia.

PNC routing number is a nine-digit code that can be located at the bottom left corner of the bank-issued check. This code is used to sort, bundle and ship the checks back to their writer’s accounts by all US banks. Routing numbers that are also called Routing Transit Numbers or American Bankers Association numbers are allocated to banks and the financial institutions by American Bankers Association. Bank customers need to know these numbers for making domestic and foreign money transfers through the chosen bank and also for initiating online transactions. PNC bank operates various routing numbers for its 11 branches located in US States of Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia. These numbers vary based on the state where PNC customers opened their bank accounts with the bank.